Megan Cowley


Manchester Based


CIT Award 2019

Alumni Award 2019

BHID Award 2019

Nomination for New Talent Award at Surface design show London (Feb 2020) 



Water Jet Manufactured Engineering


Cold glass work: 3 years’ experience

Kiln formed.

CAD and IT: CAD drawing software, Adobe software, Microsoft Office, Web design.

Other: Positive people skills, Team Orientated, Hospitality and Customer Service Trained. Experienced events planner and organiser.
Works / exhibitions: 

OBR Binary Exhibition- August-September 2019

Curated and organised with open call for artist submission and own work shown.


Degree show- June 2019


Vertical Gallery- June 2019


Binary Exhibition at the Partisan Collective   April 2019


Large Scale Glass Binary Panel created for the Old Bank Residency NOMA. Completed February 2019


Commissioned work for Blackmore International. April 2019


Pop Up Exhibition 3D Design MMU Collaboration.



Endangered Craft Unit X festival at Arts and Craft Centre Manchester. 2018


Paul Smith X Ferious


Chapter One Manchester End of year exhibition. June 2017 


Large Scale Glass Panel a homage to entropy and the history of an old mill. 2018


Foundation Degree show. June 2016

OFF THE RAILS magazine feature of kiln formed glass burger. 2016



Water Jet Manufactured Engineering and

Administration at Techserv Cutting Systems


Partnered Hot Glass work for Jahday Ford featured in Useful is Beautiful at Harewood House


Old Bank Residency 4 week solo exhibition including curating the show and running workshops. August 2019



Social media marketing and online promotion for:

Self-Promotion of Glass and Water jet cutting

Research-Based Designer,
Water-Jet Kiln formed Glass Maker



I am a research-based designer, specialising in waterjet and kiln formed glass. I extract data from buildings and places that hold information, which I then convert to Binary data that is encapsulated into large scale glass panels. I have a background in manufacturing and design, my skills are multidisciplinary. I approach new opportunity  eagerness and enthusiasm to gain knowledge and experience within the creative world combined with an eye for visual aesthetics.


BA (Hons) 3D Design, Pending

Manchester School of Art


Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Manchester School of Art