Research-Based Designer, Waterjet and Kiln Formed
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I am a maker specializing in warm glass work, specifically the kiln slumping process. I create mild steel moulds using waterjet technology. The mould designs are transferred onto the glass via the slumping process. I work on a large scale. My work is inspired by architectural glass, taking inspiration from my surroundings. In my studio practice I endeavor to convey history visually that is held within old buildings and spaces. Throughout my practice I intend to highlight historic data visually to make it more accessible and less constrained to archives and special collections, therefor bringing the history to life via the properties of glass. The material glass has quasi properties in respect to solid and liquid, often leaving the viewer in disbelief, my endeavours in textured glass are to create query within the viewer, in regards to process and data. I use binary to create patterns, not only does binary transform basic shapes in meaningful data, it also withholds information, allowing the glass not only to be info-graphic, but to be visually pleasing to the audience.